Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And They're Off

Okay not just yet……….

For weeks now Sharon and I have been getting ready for our Big Adventure and finally the day is near; tomorrow in fact we’ll be on the road. The house sale seems to be all but a done deal although nothing is final until it’s final..............but……… with any luck at all the last papers will be signed Friday morning and that as they say will be that. We however are cutting out early because of an important date.

First stop Tulsa, OK via an overnight stop in Salina, KS. Tulsa may seem a weird place for a first destination but not when you consider our purpose in stopping there is to be in attendance when Rush kicks off their R40tour.

I have been a big fan for most of those 40 years and since this is likely their last big tour we want to get in on it. It took a few years but I finally converted Sharon and many a road trip has been declared “all Rush all the time”. Not to worry we also have Sinatra and Beethoven road trips too just to keep us honest.

So far the list of reservations for our Big Adventure includes a few days on the White River near its confluence with the Buffalo. I hear there may be a few brown trout and smallmouth in the area.

From there we will mosey our way down to Panama City, FL stopping off in West Memphis, AR. I hear there may be some barbecue in that vicinity but it’s just a rumor.
For the last week we have been living in our new little house, affectionately known as Hippie-pod-R-mus, in Manitou Springs on the other side of town.

I had hoped to kick things off with a report of plucking a few small trout from Fountain Creek but that didn't happen. Between the run-off of heavy low elevation snow-pack and heavy rains that creek is completely unfishable.

I suppose I could fish the creek but with zero odds of catching anything and extremely high odds of drowning it’s not my idea of fun.

Better luck with future plans I say. This promises to be quite the journey over several states. There is bound to be some fishable water along the way somewhere.