Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2 Cent Caddis

Honestly I started tying this fly just to see if I could come up with a caddis larva using marabou. The Shoshone River and Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone near Cody have prolific annual caddis hatches so finding models for the fly was easy. The marabou turns out to be a great match for caddis larva. The caddis larva has a glowing translucence that tyers have been working to achieve for decades. The use of twisted, wrapped marabou barbs achieves this glow beautifully. The addition of the flash into the marabou gives an additional level of attraction to the fly.

On one of my first outings with a handful of 2 Cent Caddis in tow I was able to dredge up numerous hefty cutthroats and a pair of browns by suspending it below a grasshopper pattern. But more notable is the fact that I hooked the biggest trout I never really saw using this fly.
In August of 2011 the hopper hatch was of epic proportions on the North Fork between Cody and Yellowstone. Every angler in the area was taking some of the best cutthroats and browns they could remember in many years using their favorite hopper patterns. The fishing was great and so were the crowds. One morning I arrived later than normal and my favorite run was taken. I started searching upstream knowing that all I needed to catch fish was to find a suitable run with public access.

It didn’t take long before I was fishing and catching but the run I had found was short and there was little hope of finding another that was unmolested that day. I decided to stick it out, rest the run and give it another go. I sat at the top of the bank in the shade of the Russian olives staring into the water looking for signs of feeding. The sun was now cutting the water from a steep angle and I could clearly see an occasional flash near the bottom. It was definitely not a single fish because the flashes were spread over a large area. The run was rested.
Insect Green

I re-rigged my leader with a pair of 2 Cent Caddis and went to work using a short cast and high stick drift through the run. Starting at the back and working forward I was able to systematically pick off around a half dozen colorful and very chunky cutthroats. Each one rocketing into the current and downstream as soon as it was hooked. When I reached the head of the trough another fish took the point fly. At the instant of the take it appeared to be a snag although I had clearly seen the flash of the fish. I popped the rod tip to free my flies and without hesitation the invisible Goliath was instantly downstream, in the main current and steadily taking line. There was absolutely no way to follow from my perch and before I had time to react the 2X tippet had parted.
Some fish you hope are big others you know are.


Fish the 2 Cent Caddis anywhere or time caddis larva are in the drift or have recently been in the drift. Midday seems to be the best time for this fly due to the habitual drift of caddis larva at that time. Get the fly as close to the bottom as possible with a natural drift and hang on!!

Yellow Olive
Available in - Insect Green, Yellow Olive, Bright Yellow, Ginger, Tan

Size 14 - 20

Bright Yellow

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