Thursday, October 30, 2014

Non Specific

Non Specific

This is the first of many incarnations of this pattern. Without the initial success of this original fly none of the other marabou flies found on my website would exist. The success of this pattern lies in the triggers that marabou inherently possesses. It is not intended to closely mimic any particular insect or food item though it often does. In most situations this pattern just looks buggy and alive. The constant movement of the tail, the silhouette of the fly, the semi- transparent glow and the pulse of the body all add to its effectiveness.

I first used this pattern on stillwater trout in four of Wyoming’s most heavily fished trout lakes just outside of Cody. All have been featured in multiple magazine articles over the years and receive a huge amount of pressure from both locals and visitors to the area. Subsequently the trout residing in these lakes are highly conditioned to anglers, flies and the consequences of taking a false food item. In other words on almost any given day they are tough to catch.
Dark Olive

The very first incarnation, a size 10 dark olive version was used to imitate the damselfly nymphs present in the lakes. With it I was able to land numerous trout on multiple occasions when other more elaborate patterns would fail and other anglers were having little or no success. It didn’t take long before I was carrying multiple color and size combinations. This pattern consistently caught numerous fish under multiple hatch conditions and stages even when other more elaborate patterns failed. This caused me to explore the possibilities of other small marabou flies. The Twisted Damsel, Not Much, Twisted Emerger and Soft Hackle  Debutante are all immediate descendants of the Non Specific.

I now use a Non Specific for much of my searching and it is frequently my starting point on unfamiliar lakes and streams.

The Non Specific is a do-all catch-all fly. You can fish this fly effectively in almost any situation including hatches with great success. From top to bottom coldwater or warmwater it will do the trick. Dead-drift or swing it in rivers to elicit strikes. Strip it or suspend it in stillwaters to take everything from trout to largemouth bass and carp.
Pale Olive

This may sound a bit vague but when I started trying to describe all the ways I've caught fish with this fly it turned into a book.

Available in - Dark Olive, Olive, Light Olive, Yellow Olive, Olive Brown, Pale Olive, Black, Red, Brown, Ginger, Tan, Insect Green, Bright Yellow

Size 10 -24

Yellow Olive

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