Monday, January 5, 2015

Twisted and Tied Leader Feedback

Recently I sent out a bunch of hand Twisted and Tied Fly Leaders for field testing. Though I haven't heard from many of the field testers yet a few have reported back. As I had hoped, and expected the feedback is very positive.

Mike Gillen at Fringe Element Fly Fishing posted his review in August 2013 about the leaders he tested. The name on the packaging is Dragonfly Angler but the leaders are the same. 

More recently this is what field testers have to say.

"I had the opportunity to try out a J Wood Fly Fishing leader several times last month. I was using the 8’ 4X leader with a nymph rig and small yarn indicator to stalk (and catch) some picky trout on the South Platte River in Colorado. I have tried thread furled leaders for nymphing in the past, but found that they didn’t sink fast enough to get my bugs down where I wanted them. I have also used many mono tapered leaders that, while convenient for rigging up quickly, were too stiff in the thicker sections and didn’t cast well. The J Wood Fly Fishing leader I used performed much better than both the thread furled leader and the tapered mono leader. Pros: Strength: I had no issues with breakage when snagged on the bottom or hooked into larger fish. Presentation: I was able to get my bugs quickly to the desired depth. Casting: The leader turned over like a dream, allowing soft delivery of my nymphing rig. Cons: The hand twisted butt section makes it difficult to quickly adjust/slide an indicator without compromising the structure of the line. But… This could also be considered a “Pro” since the indicator stayed put unless I really wanted it positioned higher or lower on my line. I look forward to using the 9 ½’ 6X J Wood Fly Fishing leader for casting dry flies in the warmer months ahead."
David Moore- Castle Rock, CO


"Here is my opinion from 1 to 10. Conditions were 77degrees, wind 10-15mph. Layout out out of leader when laying down; 10. Casting into the wind 10-it sliced through the wind. I compared it to the Orvis leader I had on right before yours and it did not perform nearly as close. Durability; 10-no issues and held up with hitting all the debris in the water. Over all i like that you can use the braided section. Over and over I cast into the wind and it was like the wind wasn't blowing. I decided to use dry flies at some point and use floatant on the line and it worked perfect. when I was done, I wiped it off and it worked great. The braid visibility under water was minimal. In my experience, these are great leaders and I plan to use them again on my next trip. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks for giving me the opportunity and I feel privileged to have done this testing."

Nick Haxhijaj- East Bernard, TX 

Nick also posted this video. of trout fishing the Guadalupe River in Texas.


"I gotta say....the leaders you sent me. I absolutely LOVE them! I have fished them hard the times I have gone out and they work far better than the leaders I have been using. I plan to keep testing them."
Sam Stone- Marrietta, GA


"Those leaders were great I'm still using them."
Dan Patch- Sebago, ME


  1. John, thanks for posting this feedback. I have not used these style leaders in my fishing. I guess I have just been slow to adjust my old worn out methods. Anyhow, will need to get in gear and place an order to have some to use this Spring.

    1. Mel,
      These leaders are different from any other out there that I am aware of. I will have a webpage on my new site up soon. I'm just a little slow at the moment.

  2. I'm anxious to compare your leaders with what I've been using. I haven't been particularly pleased with my old leaders. We'll talk when the weather gets a little warmer.

    1. I don't know about you Howard but I'm ready to fish when the weather warms up. We can talk afterward.