Sunday, April 19, 2015

Big Adventure

To say I have been slacking at blogging of late is a real understatement. What I haven't been slacking at is getting ready for relocating away from Colorado Springs. The first question people ask when I say we're leaving is "Where are you headed?". The answer to that is a bit tricky, but the short version is we are not quite sure just yet. Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest is the front runner. Beyond that it's up in the air.

Here's where the conundrum comes into play. Kind of like the old Green Acres TV series Sharon and I have slightly different ideas of Nirvana. Left solely up to her we would live smack in the middle of downtown in some big city. Left solely up to me we would live as far away from said city as possible. We have always had a knack for working these things out in the past. I'll let you know how it works out.

But not so fast! A little traveling is in order first. So if we can ever get the house sale closed (it's not as easy as some would have you believe but I'll leave out that drama) we will be on our way. For years it has been a fantasy of ours to just bee-bop around the country with little specific agenda and see what we can see.

My goal along the way is to fish as many places as possible. Sharon's goal is to see as many sights as possible. From where I sit at the moment the two seem to be coming together nicely. We are both looking forward to many evenings by a fire outside The Hippie Pod sipping cool adult beverages. Now that's the life! Reservations have been made for the first leg of the trip in Arkansas, Panama City, Orlando and Key Largo all of which should provide us with fishing, sight-seeing and lots of evening beverage sipping.

We're pretty stoked about the whole Big Adventure.

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  1. Have a blast and look me up if you get to m neck of the woods