Saturday, May 14, 2016

Round 2

Looking out the window I can see snow covered peaks in the distance. I'm not sure which peaks or what range it is off in the distance. I can't even tell for sure how far off the mountains are in the distance. It's hard to judge the first time you see a mountain range in the distance. Sometimes you'er on them before you know it and others it takes forever to get there. We will see in the morning if we are even headed toward them when we push on to the west. It's a strange and invigorating feeling not knowing what is beyond the next rise.

We're set up in Rawlins, WY at the Western Hills Campground for the night. It is a well kept, well run RV Park from what I can tell but I may just be enamored with the change of scenery. After sitting in Colorado Springs for almost a month it sure feels good to be on the road again. The Springs being our home base has been our most frequent stop over our journey and quite frankly I'm rather bored with it every time we go back. We swing through and take care of vehicle registrations, doctor visits and the like then head out in a new direction each time.

It's been just over a year since Sharon and I originally hit the road in the R-Pod 179 formerly known as Hippie-pod-R-mus. During that time we have covered a lot of ground making our way through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California covering some of them multiple times with one day trip into British Columbia via ferry from Port Angeles, WA.

Neither of us knew  exactly what to expect when we started out though we did have some pretty serious expectations. What we have found is that no matter what you plan or expect, once you step out the door anything can happen.

I do know what's happening next though. We're headed to Reno for some time on Pyramid Lake before the end of the season. Look out Lahonton trout here we come.

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