Monday, July 21, 2014

Twisted and Tied Fly Leaders

Want to change the way you look at fly leaders? Let me change your casting experience.

As much as any other piece of casting equipment the leader you use can enhance or inhibit the ease and accuracy of your casting. I have spent nearly two decades working to develop the best casting leader possible. Twisted and Tied Fly Leaders have been designed with the optimum combination of weight, bulk and flexibility using a hand twisted butt section that casts without the hinging effect of a leader butt that is too soft or too stiff. The result is a line of leaders that offer smooth turn-over and maximum energy transfer. Beyond the butt section each leader is knotted and tapered using formulas that have been proven to be effective in a wide variety of situations.
Available in 6 1/2, 8, 9 1/2 and 11 foot lengths from 0X to 7X break strength and they can be customized for 3 line weight classes (2-4 wt, 5-7 wt and 8-10 wt). Each leader length is designed to offer specific characteristics to enhance your fishing and casting pleasure.
The butt section is made with Berkley Trilene XL monofilament. The body/tippet section is made exclusively with Rio Powerflex tippet material. Both materials are proven performers that offer great knot strength, abrasion resistance and exceptional break strength.
The 6 1/2’ streamer/ bass bug leaders (0X-3X) offer more power transfer allowing you to turn over bulky or heavy flies. The lighter 6 1/2' leaders (4X-6X) are great for fishing small flies with short rods on small streams.
The 8’ Streamer/Bass Bug leaders (1X-3X) offer the same great power transfer for big heavy flies as the 6 1/2’ but with a extra separation between fly line and fly. The lighter 8' leaders (4X-6X) offer the same great turnover for smaller flies and excellent casting control. 
The 9 1/2’ leaders are great all around leaders for general stream and stillwater fishing. They offer great turnover for everything from tiny dries to medium sized streamers.
These 11’ leaders are designed to fish small flies to picky trout in tricky waters. The butt and center section turnover exceptionally well yet are designed so the tippet falls in coils helping to eliminate drag at the fly.
Each leader consists of one butt section and two interchangeable tip sections. Three packs include 3 butt sections and 6 tip sections.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the properties of these leaders or to order.

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