Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello Again

For the past few years I've been rambling into cyberspace as  Dragonfly Angler. Some of you who read this have been following along, thank you for that. It is however time for a change maybe even a bit overdue. As such I'm re-branding my ramblings, this time under my own name. It seems lots of people use dragonfly as a name in one form or another. Confusion ensues when too many want the same name. So I'm switching my ramblings to the name mother intended for me. I will be retaining the dragonfly logo.

Welcome to J Wood Fly Fishing.

For as long as I can remember fishing has been a total obsession. From the time I was able to hold a fishing rod getting on the water and hunting fish has been my focus. Along the way tinkering with my equipment has been irresistible. It started decades ago with modifying crank baits and spinner baits along with carving a few plugs of my own for bass, growing up in Texas it's what a fishing finatic has to chase. Over the years my tinkering has taken on many incarnations then I found fly fishing and even more tinkering has ensued.

I started introducing some of my tinkering in 2009 after being forced into medical retirement. I'm just too young to be sitting around on the porch whittling for the grandkids. Tying flies for friends is where the madness began, actually the madness began a few decades ago but 2009 is when I made it known to the world. Flt tying has become a real obsession and a few of my weird ideas actually catch fish, go figure.

After reading a score of books and spending hundreds of hours on and a few under water I eventually figured out that fish don't perceive flies the way we do or the way they look in the vise. This brought about a change in the way I view every fly that comes off my vise, even the old standards. If you can find a copy check out Gary LaFontaine's The Dry Fly: New Angles. Take it to heart and it will change the way you tie and fish dry flies.

I will still be concocting new flies from time to time and will make them available to anyone who wants to try them. For those of you who have been using some of my patterns just contact me for refills in your fly boxes.

Retailers can find some of my designs for wholesale purchase at Catch Fly Fishing.

Hand tied leaders are also still available but they probably won't be changing the fishing world, although they should. If you throw big or multiple flies or fish in the wind frequently and haven't tried them you owe it to your fishing pleasure to give them a try.

I am still building and offering handcrafted landing nets . There is a model for almost every freshwater fishing situation.

If you wish to purchase anything you find here contact me. I won't be doing instant purchase buttons and a shopping cart for now. What I do is very personal and anything you find here can be customized for your fly fishing needs.

Before you write this blog off as a strictly retail experience let me assure you I will be rambling on the same as in the past on just about any fishing related subject that comes to mind and maybe a few subjects that have nothing at all to do with fishing.

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