Sunday, September 21, 2014


So lately I've been doing a great deal of the regular maintenance that comes along with being a home owner. Specifically there was an area of siding that needed replacing. Done. Then there comes the painting that is inevitable. Not quite done, I've run out of paint of that particular color.

Meanwhile, in my off time I've been doing some fishing and going through my tackle liquidating and acquiring to hone my fly fishing arsenal. Mostly I sell rods and reels that have accumulated over the years but haven't seen enough time on the water. I don't know about you but it seems a waste to have perfectly good fly tackle sitting around and never getting to the water. So after it's sold I take the pennies on the dollar acquired from the sales and purchase rods and reels that I think are better suited to the fishing I do, usually used for pennies on the dollar. This is a kind of fly fishing restructuring process. But every once in a while a finatic like myself wants to acquire a new piece, or two of equipment.

During the restructuring process I found a new offering from my good friends at Waterworks-Lamson, well good friends only in the sense that I really like their reels, we don't know each other personally which is actually too bad because I think they would like me. Anyway........ The other day I mentioned this smoking deal to my good friend, accountant, wife/girlfriend to which she said "We should go and check them out I think that would be perfect for you." The only issue is they are not in our local fly shop yet.

I've made calls and the reels are on the way somewhere between Idaho and Colorado Springs. I hope they will be in tomorrow.

But back to the jest of this post. When I mentioned I needed more paint to finish the outdoor painting of the house Sharon replied we did not have the funds at the moment it would have to wait a while.

So I asked her "You mean we don't have the lose funds for paint but you want to buy me a reel?"

Her reply was "That's about it."

Man I'm glad my wife has her priorities straight!!

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