Monday, June 15, 2015

Down the Road

It's crazy that I haven't written more lately, just laziness i think. Life on the road requires adjustments and they haven't all been made yet. Too much napping between seeing the sights and dodging rain storms. Getting rained out seems to be the theme of this journey so far. Arkansas was a total washout. I find it hard to maintain a positive energy level when things we've planned get washed out. I suspect a large portion of the country feels that way right now with all the flooding that's been going on.

Panama City was really good the first time through. Unfortunately for me I had high expectations the second time through on our way back up from the Keys which by the way was a total washout with rain and overwhelming crowds that were downright depressing.

After 6 years in Cody, WY and 3 years in Colorado Springs crowds are definitely NOT my thing anymore. No crowds in Cody and too many in Colorado Springs. Give me water without crowds! Whew, glad that's off my chest. Wyoming has a way of doing that, making you want to ditch the crowds.........but I digress.

Anyway, here we sit in Ingram, TX just west of Kerrville for a week. With lots of open space, quiet and a lack of crowds we have found some peace.

We've been to Disney World, another place that makes you want to shy away from crowds, a second stop in Panama City, a rainy stop in Biloxi and another rainy stop in Beaumont before arriving here.
My plan this morning was to give a nice detailed report of some of the best fishing of my life, on my birthday no less, in Panama City, with my son Steve, complete with pictures. As it turns out I can't figure out how to get the pictures off my phone. That goes for almost all the photos from all our other stops along the way. Anybody out there know how to import pictures to Windows from and Android phone. These photos are from my camera a few days before.

The thing is I've done downloads from my phone to my laptop before after a tutorial from my son Cameron..... then I slept. I feel so old when it comes to this stuff sometimes. Or maybe I'm just lazy these days. Moving down the road has a way of doing that to you, or at least to me.

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