Tuesday, December 9, 2014

That Time Again or The BUT Post

Yes it is that time again BUT not Christmas, New Years or any of that other festive stuff everybody else is having fun with. What "that time again" means for a lucky devil like me is another reconstructive surgery on my bum knee. Sounds fun right, well maybe though probably not. BUT with any luck at all this could be the last reconstruction and I can get back to being on the water regularly next year. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer and send well wishes please.

It has been a while since I've posted anything. It has been crazy getting things done what with a flooded kitchen and a leaky shower that ruined the bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom are back together BUT I would rather have been getting in a little time on the water, blogging and tying flies. BUT that as they say is how the cookie crumbles. Who are "they" anyway?

This post is a heads up to let you know it may be a while longer before you see any new posts, at least for much that's coherent. BUT anything you do see from me over the next few weeks could well be influenced by pain meds so try not to take it too seriously.

On a completely different and much more positive note next year looks pretty exciting from where I sit at the moment. Some time in January the field tester program will be getting underway in earnest. I've been working on a new website for J Wood Fly Fishing complete with a forum and a whole passel of new and crazy ideas for fly designs, some new net models, new net features and some new and redesigned leaders. All in all 2015 has the potential to be a pretty good year.

BUT we'll just wait and see.


  1. Having gone through my own trials, all I will say is good luck, best wishes for a speedy recovery and enjoy looking forward to the coming year. If you read Windknots, you'd know that posting while under the influence of pain medications isn't a good idea. Trust me, I tried and all I can do now is laugh or delete the posts.

    1. Howard,
      Thanks for the support and the words of warning. If you were around for my old blog you would have seen some of my drug induced blogging blunders from back when I first started dealing with living on pain medications.
      During clear headed periods it had become my practice to edit things written during not so clear headed periods. These days I just try to refrain from writing. In fact when I got home from the hospital last Saturday I instructed my wife not to allow me on my laptop until she thought I was clear headed enough to be set free in cyber space. I'm back.

  2. Hi, John. So good to read another post from you, even though it is not the "usual" fishy type we would expect. May your surgery go well, and, may God bless you with a quick and efficient recovery so that 2015 will be a wonderful experience. With you and Howard back on the water and feeling better in 2015, fishes beware!

    On a side note, please keep me informed with information on the Field Tester Program. I loved the patterns I have from you and those Emotion Detectors were a hit on the ponds for Bass........................

    1. Mel,
      Thanks for the moral support. During such periods as this having the moral support of friends and colleagues is priceless. I do anticipate 2015 being a breakout year. Things already in the works are looking very promising.
      I am back into cyberspace now all I have to do is get on my feet again and like you said, fishes beware!!