Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Net 61 Giveaway

I was contacted a while back by Howard of Windknots and Tangled Lines about helping him with a new years giveaway. Happy to oblige a fellow blogger, fly fisher, old guy. Us mature, if not old, guys need to stick together as much as possible in what is quickly becoming a youngster dominated sport, or at least it feels that way some times.

For details pop on over to this post and get all the details of the giveaway.

And the winner is Brian Schiele.

This net is a Pocketwater model that is constructed using highly figured maple for the handle.The hoop is a three layer construction with 2 laminations of white oak and 1 layer of poplar. Like all the Pocketwater nets it is fitted with a soft, knotless nylon which extremely catch and release friendly. There are 3 measure dots set into the handle at 15", 17" and 19" from the top of the net.

The Pocketwater is a super lightweight net that is crafted for use in those small, secluded streams that don't attract crowds, they attract dedicated anglers. The trout in these streams are small by trophy hunter standards but the rewards are immense in solitude and beauty. These diminutive nets celebrate those streams and the trout that live there. This net is so light you won't know it's there until you need it for that 16" cutthroat or brookie you weren't expecting. The traditional teardrop shape and super soft, knotless nylon bag are catch and release friendly for both fish and angler.

19 1/2" overall length
8" x 14" hoop opening

At the moment I don't have all the details on the giveaway but will post them as soon as everything is ironed out.

Good Luck!


  1. Thanks again John...I may win this one for my wife! It's a beauty!

  2. As long as it gets on the water. I hate when people hang them in their tying room.